How to install and use pandoc in Fedora/CentOS

Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library.If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife

In this article, we will show you how to install and use pandoc in Fedora/Centos.

Install pandoc

pandoc package is avaliable in the standard Fedora/CentOS software repository. To install it run the following command:

sudo dnf install pandoc

Once you have it installed, you can verify it by typing with a simple version check command:

pandoc --version

The output should look something like this:

Compiled with citeproc-hs 0.3.4, texmath, highlighting-kate 0.5.1.

That’s it! pandoc has been installed on you Fedora/CentOS system, and you can start using it .

Using pandoc

Before going into how to use the pandoc command,let’s start by reviewing the basic syntax.

pandoc [options] [input-file]…

Pandoc can convert between numerous markup and word processing formats, including, but not limited to, various flavors of Markdown, HTML, LaTeX and Word docx.

If no input-files are specified, input is read from stdin. Output goes to stdout by default. For output to a file, use the -o option:

pandoc -o output.html input.txt

By default, pandoc produces a document fragment. To produce a standalone document (e.g. a valid HTML file including <head> and <body>), use the -s or --standalone flag:

pandoc -s -o output.html input.txt

Instead of an input file, an absolute URI may be given. In this case pandoc will fetch the content using HTTP:

pandoc -f html -t markdown

It is possible to supply a custom User-Agent string or other header when requesting a document from a URL:

pandoc -f html -t markdown --request-header User-Agent:"Mozilla/5.0" \

Here’s a example to convert from a .docx file to .odt:

pandoc test.docx -o test.odt

To produce a PDF, specify an output file with a .pdf extension:

pandoc test.docx -o test.pdf

To convert test.html from HTML to Markdown:

pandoc -f html -t markdown test.html

To convert test.txt from Markdown to LaTeX

pandoc -f markdown -t latex test.txt


Pandoc is a powerhouse for anyone who needs to convert document formats.

By now you should have a good understanding of how to install and use the pandoc command. For more information about the pandoc command, see the Pandoc User’s Guide .

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