How to install NetEase cloud music client on Debian 10

NetEase cloud music client is NetEase cloud music software provided by NetEase. At present, the version provided by NetEase cloud music software includes Android, Iphone, IPad, Mac, Windows, Linux and other versions, which basically cover all system platforms.

The official Linux client for NetEase cloud music software is currently only the Deepin15 (64bit) client and the Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) software version of the dep package. Although there is no Debian system version, Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) NetEase cloud music client can be installed on Debian 10 (64bit) system.

Through this tutorial I will show you how to install the NetEase cloud music software client on Debian 10 .


Before proceeding, be sure to log in to the Debian system as a user with sudo privileges .

The system environment is: Debian 10.1 XFCE (64bit)

Download Netease Cloud Music Package

Download the NetEase cloud music package by wgetcommand , and download the command as follows:


The download process is similar to the following:

--2019-10-12 22:23:28--
Resolving host (,,, ...
Connecting (||:80... Connected.
An HTTP request has been sent and is waiting for a response... 200 OK
Length: 104501260 (100M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: "netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_20190428.deb"

Netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_201904 100%[================================================ =========================================================== =====>] 99.66M 4.15MB/s Time 22s

Invalid “Last-modified” header — Ignore timestamp tags.
2019-10-12 22:23:51 (4.45 MB/s) – Saved “netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_20190428.deb” [104501260/104501260]

After the download is complete, dpkginstall the debpackage by command .
sudo dpkg -i netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_20190428.deb

The installation success is similar to the following:

[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_20190428.deb
(Reading database... The system currently has 112288 files and directories installed.)
Ready to unzip netease-cloud-music_1.2.1_amd64_ubuntu_20190428.deb ...
Unpacking netease-cloud-music (1.2.1) and overwriting ( ...
Setting netease-cloud-music (1.2.1) ...
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.28-10)...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils (0.23-4) ...
Processing triggers for mime-support (3.62)...

Run Netease Cloud Music Software

After the installation is successful, it will be "Applications">"Multimedia">"NetEase Cloud Music"found in the menu by default , as shown below:

Click on this menu to open the NetEase cloud music app.

At this point, at the end of this tutorial, start enjoying great music on Debian 10!


I hope that this tutorial can guide students who need to install Netease Cloud Music Linux on Debian 10. If you have any better suggestions, please leave a comment below.


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